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Burdock, Great (Arctium lappa)

Sara & CesarComment

NATIVE RANGE: Europe & Asia

DESCRIPTION: Tall (up to 10 feet) biennial plant, large alternating leaves, purple flowers bloom from spiky clusters in late summer.

JEWELRY: Sterling silver ring sculpted to resemble the purple flower clusters.

Great Burdock, Arctium lappa ID 121555765 ©  Whiskybottle  |

Great Burdock, Arctium lappa ID 121555765 © Whiskybottle |

FOOD: Japanese and other Asian cuisines use burdock root in many ways. It has a crunchy, mildly sweet flavor similar to lotus root, and is put in stews, stir-fry, and pickled dishes.

VELCRO: The Swiss inventor of velcro was inspired by the tiny hooks on the flower spike of burdock. The dead flowers would latch onto his clothing and his dog as they hiked.

silver ring, flower ring, burdock ring, fall jewelry, silver rings.png

This piece was conceptualized a few years back, and we only made a couple prototypes. We love the look of the ring, but it was lacking a certain something. Should we set purple stones in the center? Is it too symmetrical? Or, let us know what you think it needs.

Reorganizing the website has helped us to revisit some old work and we are excited about our goal to finalize this piece by the end of 2019!