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Heather (Calluna vulgaris)

Sara & CesarComment

NATIVE RANGE: Europe & Asia Minor

DESCRIPTION: Low growing perennial shrub that prefers acidic soils, small scale leaves, and pink, purple or white flower stalks

JEWELRY: Flower stalks cast in silver with rose gold accents.

Heath in Goathland England ID 59829986 © David Head |

Heath in Goathland England ID 59829986 © David Head |

These Heather earrings were originally conceived of because my father needed a present for his step-sister and her daughter. He has no patience for gift-giving, and so when I started asking about what kind of jewelry she wears he had very little to offer. Finally it came out that her name was Heather. I got lucky! I told him that her name was a flower and I would do some research and get back to him in a few weeks.

We sculpted them in the 3D software Z-brush. Cesar has all the technical skills, and I have the eye. It can be a nerve-racking process because we sit together and I tell him -do this, change that- until we either get it right or give up for the day.

The final design always makes it worth the trouble. We cast these in sterling silver, and they looked great as they were, but we added the rose gold accents to the depths of the piece to give them even more character.

calluna vulgaris - ID 21693792 © Lejczer |

calluna vulgaris - ID 21693792 © Lejczer |