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fig tree

Fig, Common (Ficus carica)

Sara & Cesar

NATIVE RANGE: The Middle East and Western Asia

DESCRIPTION: Small tree or shrub, not growing taller than 33 feet (10 meters), deeply lobed leaves, fluted trunks, and of course, bears figs.

JEWELRY: Hand sculpted, slightly abstract rippled leaves.

fig-tree-ficus-carica-ID  14112219  ©  Verastuchelova  |

fig-tree-ficus-carica-ID 14112219 © Verastuchelova |

RELIGION: Humanity began cultivating figs long before most other trees. For this reason, they are a symbol in many religions. Fig trees are mentioned 40 times in the Bible, they are also mentioned in the Qu’ran, while the Buddha achieved enlightenment sitting under a fig tree, and Vishnu was born under one.