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cape blanco

Cape Blanco (Sedum spathifolium)

Sara & CesarComment


Western North America


Evergreen perennial succulent, spade shaped blue-gray leaves tinged with red grow in rosette clusters, yellow flower stalks bloom in late summer.

Cape Blanco Sedum spathifolium - ID 97311971 © David Ross |

Cape Blanco Sedum spathifolium - ID 97311971 © David Ross |

Most succulents are native to southern Africa, but this one here is an American variety of sedum that grows from British Columbia down to southern California and east to Colorado. It grows slowly, and prefers rocky soils with lots of sun.

This is one of our favorite succulents to work with and we have done several pieces based on its tiny rosettes. My mother helps us grow and rotate out our succulents, so that if we clip a bit of plant to cast, it goes back under my mother’s grow lights to recover before we will harvest from it again. She has over 6 of these cape blancos, because we use them all the time.