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A Rose By Any Other Name...

Compare our succulent casts to our 3D printed rose design. 

3D Printed Roses

This overhead view of a rose started off as a carving that I did one night when I couldn't sleep.


As you can see from the photo it is a pretty large carving. We did end up casting it in silver and it weighed over 2 ounces. So I asked Cesar if he could recreate it in his 3D software so we could print a smaller version to cast. And of course, his computer version is slightly more intricate and perfect than my carving. The design is able to capture that swirling center of a rose, while being very easy to wear because it is flat and lightweight.  Check out the succulent rose casts below.

orange-rose-on-fence-nest-antiques - 1.jpg

Ancient Beauty

Roses were probably the first flower to be cultivated for decorative purposes. Their images appear in art & architecture created during the Roman Empire, as well as even further back in Shang Dynasty China (circa 1400 B.C.E)

capo-blanco-sterling-silver-rosette-ring-on-plant7 - 1.jpg

Plant Castings

The pieces that follow were all cast from succulents that simply resemble a rose.  Because they are succulents, they have thick juicy leaves that withstand the process of making plaster molds.  And because we can mold a living plant, these pieces are all one-of-a-kind - very similar, but essentially a unique replica of part of the plant.  

Our two favorite flower like designs both come from sedums- the Limelight and the Capo Blanco cultivars form the same swirling rosettes that real roses do.  Unlike the slim 3D printed rose design, these pieces have a little weight to them.  

See our full collection of flower designs here: