Shade Metals

Species Specific Botanical Jewelry

Handmade creations based on plant life and biological phenomena. We hand carve, 3D print and cast tiny bits of plant parts.


Beautiful, fragrant and captivating, flowers have a serious mission to accomplish. All their finery is designed to ensure the survival of the species.  Some flower entice, others set traps, and still others use the principles of physics to spread their seed.  


Deciduous Trees

These bright, vivacious flowering and fruiting trees dominate much of our human landscape.  They grace our city streets, populate deep swaths of the countryside, and are iconic symbols of nations, wealth, and superstition. 


Known as the Earth's carbon sink, the evergreen forests of the taiga do more to clean our air than any other plant group. Recognizable by their needle shaped leaves and pine cones, here we present real as well as false conifers.  



From vines to ground covers and moss, this collection features some of our more common and overlooked gems of the plant world.  Some of the plants featured in this collection may even be considered weed.  


The word succulents comes from the latin root meaning juice, a perfect description for these plants with thick fleshy leaves that store water to survive arid climates.  Succulents are often grown for their ornamental value and they are attracting increasing attention in residential lawns, urban roof gardens and green walls. 



Natural phenomena like tree rings and flower geometry show us the logic and patterns in nature.  We hope to expand this collection in 2018.  We want to explore medicinal properties, cells, and roots.