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What are Stonecrops?

Sara & Cesar

Stonecrop is the common name for many succulents in the crassulaceae family because gardeners joke that only stones need less attention than these plants.

Stonecrops are flowering succulents that vary from mat forming ground cover to small shrubs.  Many household varieties fall into either the sedum or crassula genus, of which there are more than 450 and 1480 respective species.  Both are extremely drought tolerant, the leaves of some varieties can live even after being cut and stored for months without earth or water. 

Stonecrop flowers usually have 5 petals, rarely 4 or 6.  The variety pictured here is a Japanese Stonecrop and it grows abundantly in my sister's front lawn.  To see how we make succulent castings go here.  

Sedum grow mainly in the northern hemisphere, although some species do exist in Peru.  Crassula are native to many regions of the world, but many of the cultivated varieties we see today are particular to South Africa.  This includes the popular jade plant, aka money tree.  

  World of Succulents  is a great website.  

World of Succulents is a great website.  


This pyramid shaped succulent is called the Campfire plant, Crassula capitella.  The photo above is the Red Pagoda variety.  

We cast pieces directly from the plant and then sand down the tips to be more rounded and less pointy.  We oxidize the entire piece to give it the antiqued depth, and then polish up the edges.  We try to select the flattest pieces.  We want the piece to look fierce, but not to actually cut you wearing it.  But then again, if you had the intent, this piece could probably be a weapon of sorts.